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Sheriff Deputies and law enforcement know the risks of pursuing this career. It is a sacrifice for them and their family. The office of the Sheriff takes tremendous time and effort, with risk of the ultimate sacrifice.  Law Enforcement is at an all-time high for the risk of suicide, divorce, post-traumatic stress syndrome and substance use disorders. This is due to the repeated exposure to high-stress, life-threatening situations. The job must be done, and these men and women show up everyday to protect and serve their communities. The Indiana Sheriffs’ Association works to ensure that we can provide the office of the Sheriff the best resources and training made available to them to mitigate the dangers and personal risks these men and women take on when serving to protect their communities in this profession. The ISA also provides resources to our youth who will be our next generation in law enforcement. We proudly provide youth leadership opportunities and resources to further education to spark a career in law enforcement. We believe in serving our communities and most importantly Building Communities of Trust.

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Scholarship program

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Youth Leadership Camp

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Training & Education

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ISA Safe Fund