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Specialty License Plates

When renewing your automobile’s license, request the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Specialty Plate!  Click “Learn More” below to find out how!

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Membership and Benefits

The association continually sponsors and provides both training and educational programs for sheriffs and deputies throughout the state.

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Sex & Violent Offender Registry

Refer to the Sheriff Contact Map to speak to Sex Offender Registry Coordinator within a specific county.

The registry will allow you to choose a county in Indiana and enter any local address in that county. It will then provide a list of all registered county sex offenders living within a one-mile radius within the boundaries of the county selected. If you are looking for information about a particular sex offender registered in that county, the registry can help there as well.

This information is meant to educate you about offenders in a county. It has not been made available for you to take action against any individual. Any action against an offender which is determined to be a violation of law will subject the violator to arrest and prosecution. Please report all information on offenders directly to the office within that county.


Find out the latest news with the Indiana Sheriffs' Association and Sheriff Offices in counties across the state of Indiana.


Scholarship Campaign

The association endeavors to improve the education and professionalism of law enforcement service by awarding several college scholarships annually to qualified students who desire to attain a degree in the field of criminal justice.


Member Spotlight

Meet Jill

“Being an Indiana Sheriffs Association member helps me feel connected to my local department.  I believe the youth leadership camp does so much to build character and inspire leadership skills.”

A Message from our President

2019 Indiana Sheriffs' Association President Sheriff Dave Wedding of Vanderburgh County

As your 2019 ISA president, I welcome all newly elected sheriffs and congratulate all returning sheriffs. I look forward to serving both with you and for you as we work to achieve our shared objectives together.

To the members of the ISA, we as your sheriffs continue to work collectively to serve and protect you, our citizens, preserve and defend the constitutional Office of Sheriff and advance our legislative agenda. It takes ALL of us, as ONE VOICE, to be heard at the statehouse

Currently, many of our sheriffs are dealing with overcrowded jails. A majority of our jails are also being used inappropriately as substitute mental health facilities, with inadequate staffing and inadequate funding. We are being asked by legislators and special interest groups to “reform” these inmates, without being given the proper resources or personnel to support such programs.

One of our fundamental responsibilities as the sheriff is to protect our communities by pursuing, apprehending and jailing criminals. In many cases, the entrance to our jail seems to be a revolving door; we see way too many of the same faces, far too frequently. If we are serious about preventing crime, we know that we must have the space available to lock up the serial repeat offenders and hold them for a meaningful period of time.

Our successes will come through collaboration internally, with our community leaders, our elected office holders, fellow city, state and federal law enforcement colleagues, our representatives and senators at the statehouse, and of course with you, the members of ISA.

To be successful in our mission, we cannot do this job alone.

I am excited and eager to serve as your ISA president in 2019. Together, as ONE VOICE, we can accomplish much.

Sheriff David L. Wedding

President Indiana Sheriffs’ Association

Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
The ISA conducted a School Safety workshop yesterday with the help of some major influences from around the nation.

The ISA had the honor to work with Max Schachter who spoke on the journey he has been through since the murder of his son Alex, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who lost his life during the 2017 School massacre shooting along with 16 other victims. Max has made his mission to seek out to turn his grief into action to honor his son and those who lost their lives that day. Max spoke to our attendees about the current school safety improvement trends and the continuous advocacy he brings to the table to get things done for our children at the National level. You can follow Max's impact as he collaborates with lawmakers, students, and families at his website

We also had the pleasure to have Saferwatch speak to our attendees on a mobile app that puts the resource of reporting right in the students hands to use their voice to project make aware current issues and safety measures to school administrators and local law enforcement. . SaferWatch offers a law enforcement first approach to suspicious activity and threat reporting tools, physical and digital panic buttons, two-way live chat and real-time geo-targeted alerts.

The ISA is proud to work with local law enforcement and school administrators to continue the efforts to improve safety measures for our children in every community!
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association shared a post.
It is one of our favorite times of the year.....”Shop with a Cop” time!!!🚓 We are so proud to be a part of a community that gives so unselfishly and it is our pleasure to be able to serve others in this capacity! Thank you to all who help make this event possible!! The smiles we saw throughout the event said it all!
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association shared a post.
We would like to thank the Edwin C. Tretter Foundation Inc. for their generous donation to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office. This donation will help with the purchase of some new equipment for the deputies.
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association shared a post.
Today, on #GivingTuesday, Prosecutor Ryan Mears delivered a large donation to Sheriff Kerry Forestal to support this year's Shop with a Cop with Indianapolis Fop Lodge 86. We are incredibly grateful to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office Deputy Prosecutors and staff for their generosity!

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