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Specialty License Plates

When renewing your automobile’s license, request the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association Specialty Plate!  Click “Learn More” below to find out how!

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Membership and Benefits

The association continually sponsors and provides both training and educational programs for sheriffs and deputies throughout the state.

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Sex & Violent Offender Registry

Refer to the Sheriff Contact Map to speak to Sex Offender Registry Coordinator within a specific county.

The registry will allow you to choose a county in Indiana and enter any local address in that county. It will then provide a list of all registered county sex offenders living within a one-mile radius within the boundaries of the county selected. If you are looking for information about a particular sex offender registered in that county, the registry can help there as well.

This information is meant to educate you about offenders in a county. It has not been made available for you to take action against any individual. Any action against an offender which is determined to be a violation of law will subject the violator to arrest and prosecution. Please report all information on offenders directly to the office within that county.


Find out the latest news with the Indiana Sheriffs' Association and Sheriff Offices in counties across the state of Indiana.


Scholarship Campaign

The association endeavors to improve the education and professionalism of law enforcement service by awarding several college scholarships annually to qualified students who desire to attain a degree in the field of criminal justice.


Member Spotlight

Meet Jill

“Being an Indiana Sheriffs Association member helps me feel connected to my local department.  I believe the youth leadership camp does so much to build character and inspire leadership skills.”

A Message from our President

2018 Indiana Sheriffs' Association President Sheriff Tim Troyer of Steuben County

 2018 is going to be an exciting year for the Indiana Sheriffs, the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association and all its members. Sheriffs have become more active not only in their local communities but also at the state and federal levels. Building Communities of Trust, must have the entire package. Sheriffs have recognized what happens in our neighbor’s home can and will affect our home, the home we are sworn to protect. Sheriffs in Indiana, know that in order to have a strong community of trust, the traditional reactionary response must turn to be more proactive. Sheriffs are engaging our citizens today more than ever to work in partnership. Together we are having a positive impact; together we are making a difference.

Indiana Sheriffs continue to be active in the state legislature. Working close with our legislators is an important part of being the Sheriff. This legislative session has our attention on many things. Sentence reform has brought low-level felons back to our local communities. Acute mentally ill are in our jails without proper treatment options more than ever. This has created over-crowding in some jails and the need for counties to seek solutions. The Sheriffs are working close with state officials and legislators to improve upon these difficulties. This effort increases public safety while reducing the burden it is creating on local taxpayers.

Quality and up to date training of our deputies, jail staff, and administrative offices will be a large focus as we move forward in 2018. It must encompass the entire Sheriffs’ office. Court rulings, law changes, and simple procedures with new technology make for a constant need for crucial training. The ISA is a strong resource for Sheriffs and their staff providing training agendas for these current issues. Leadership, operations, investigations, narcotics training, jail training, sex offender registry, proper records keeping/release, employment law, and keeping current with state accounting practices are few of what will be available. This valuable resource ensures a more efficient and effective service by the Sheriff.

2018 will also bring the release of the digital platform for the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association. This will mean for all members the availability to do everything with ISA in a digital format. Memberships, membership renewal, newsletters, and special alerts will become available on your computer, smart phone or tablet. We will still maintain the same quality U.S. Mail outreach and the choice will be yours, whichever way you prefer. It will be a great addition for keeping current on what is happening with your Indiana Sheriff.

As your 2018 President, I am committed to moving the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association and the office of Sheriff forward. It is our mission to serve with excellence and work in partnership with those we serve. Everyone in Indiana deserves to feel safe, and your Sheriff is working hard to accomplish that. I encourage everyone to partner with their Sheriff and the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association with achieving a strong Community of Trust and a safe state for all Hoosiers to enjoy!


Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association added 2 new photos.
The Indiana Sheriffs ‘ Association Executive Director Steve Luce and Gibson County Sheriff Tim Bottoms continued afternoon meetings with Indiana Congressman Greg Pence and Indiana Senator Mike Braun. The ISA and Indiana Sheriff’s continue to “ Build Communities of Trust!”
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association added 3 new photos — in Washington, District of Columbia.
This morning ISA Executive Director Steve Luce , Sheriff Tim Bottoms of Gibson County and Sheriff Mike Branham of Lawrence County met with Senator Todd Young and Congressman Trey Hollingsworth in their offices to discuss the Jail Overcrowding Issues in the Indiana Communities that the Indiana Sheriff’s face . Other topics of discussion were school safety , crimes related to drugs , and mental health and addiction regional treatment facilities for offenders .
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association added 6 new photos.
The Indiana Sheriff’s Association Executive Officer’s - Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding (ISA 2019 President ) , Porter County Sheriff Dave Reynolds (ISA 1st Vice President ) , Hendricks County Sheriff Brett Clark ( ISA 2nd Vice President ), and Gibson County Sheriff Tim Bottoms ( ISA Treasurer) and ISA Executive Director Steve Luce visited several Indiana Congressman today while in Washington D.C. attending the National Sheriffs’ Association Winter Conference . They met to discuss issues such as the Opioid problems, mental health treatment for jails , school safety and other public safety related topics .

Meeting were held with the following Indiana Congressman: Larry Buschon, Peter Visclosky , and James Baird.
Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Indiana Sheriffs' Association shared Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office's post.
Doing some tidying up over the last couple months and found a couple plaques for two deputies that retired awhile back. One was for Andy Swartz and one was for Mick Gillen.

Andy was around the department about a month ago so I presented him with his plaque. Didn’t get a picture or anything, just enjoyed a couple hour conversation with a retired officer.

This brings me to the next one, Ol’ Mick Gillen. You see, Mick and I worked many cases together and spent many hours jabbing each other, all in good fun. I ran into Mick awhile back at his new teaching job and came up with a nice idea to present him with his plaque.

You see, I might have been one to get a talking to in school for talking too much so I know a thing or two about interrupting class. Soooo, today I showed up at Mick’s new job and walked right into class, cardboard box in hand . 😂😂

I talked to Mick’s class for a few minutes. Let em all know their teacher was really a cop once upon a time. I talked to them about this career and what it has to offer. Had to get a few jabs in at an old buddy and then I presented him with his plaque(pictured below)

Thanks to Mick and Andy for their time spent with our agency and know you will never be forgotten. The door is always open, stop by anytime. Except 11:30 am, that is lunchtime. 😂😂😂. Good luck to you both.

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