The Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, in cooperation with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and the Southwestern Consolidated School District, announced a new standard in School Safety with the unveiling of their Safe School Flagship and “Best Practice Solution” at Southwestern High School. This new standard provides school personnel and law enforcement agencies the opportunity to work together to protect our Nation’s schools from the heinous crimes known as active shooter incidents.

Southwestern High School is the first school in U.S. history to be networked to a law enforcement entity for instant alert, receipt of real-time, actionable intelligence and the capability to remotely launch countermeasures against a shooter while officers are en route. Southwestern High School is networked to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

The Indiana Sheriffs’ Association unveiled their Safe School Flagship to Indiana and the Nation as the model for all educational settings to follow. The hope is that this “Best Practice Solution” and new standard in school safety will make a paradigm change in public safety and will be the model for all educational settings to follow.

This solution provides never before known information to law enforcement about an active shooter event:

  1. Real-time notification to law enforcement of a shooting or the spotting of a shooter.
  2. Real Protection for the students, teachers and staff inside the school through a hardened door system.
  3. The ability to identify, locate and track a shooter inside a building.
  4. The ability to launch countermeasures against the shooter while officers are en route.
  5. The status of all classrooms inside the school.
  6. Full command and control of an incident by providing 100% actionable intelligence of the situation.

“Your children deserve to be safe, you as parents deserve to have your kids come home safely to you after school, your teachers deserve to be teachers and not body guards, your communities deserve to move to a higher standard of safety in all your educational environments. You deserve to be protected by the Best Practice Solution. “

—Executive Director, Steve Luce.

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